Alege Limba

PRELMET was founded in November 2003, with the main purpose of producing equipments that are used for lifting and handling various wares (NACE code 2822), as well as other mechanical and welded products, more or less complex and following different configurations. All the company’s products gauge up to 2 meters and weigh up to 2 tons.

Currently, the company works in the village of INAND (on the European Road connecting Oradea to Timisoara), in Bihor county, on the location of an old farm. Its activity comprises several sectors, namely:

A. The cutting sector
B. The sector for processing by chipping-welding-fitting
C. The painting sector
D. The sandblasting sector – currently under development

All of these function on the same location, already mentioned.

The workshop facilities include:

• an oxyacetylene and plasma-jet cutting torch, computer-assisted
• a doubling machine (abkant) for plate, flat iron, contours etc.
• MIG-MAG and WIG-TIG welding machines, for welding ferrous and non-ferrous materials, which permit the execution of high-quality welds.
• horizontal-plane milling machines that are computer assisted (NC), so that we can obtain complicated processings for gauges of up to 2 m, on three axes.
• other equipments : lathe, beam drills, universal milling cutter, tools and devices that are specialized for works of various complexities.

The company owns an ISO 9001/2008 certification (no. 20766).